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Oklahoma Salt Flats

Have you ever browsed pinterest for hours searching for the best locations to have a midwest destination wedding, but keep coming across gorgeous images from other states? I can completely relate. As a midwest wedding photographer, I so often get jealous of the absolutely beautiful landscapes that other states along the west and east coasts have to offer. But as a photographer based in Oklahoma who has worked here AND photographed destination weddings, I can promise you- having an Oklahoma destination wedding or an Oklahoma elopement is absolutely possible and can make your day an absolute dream.

A growing trend I’ve seen time and time again are the Salt Flat Elopements in Utah. If you are a midwest bride, or a Oklahoma bride in love with this trend- then you are in luck! You can have your own Oklahoma Salt Flats Elopement right here in North-Central Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Salt Flats Elopement

One of my favorite places to shoot as a Oklahoma wedding photographer is the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in North-Central Oklahoma. The Crystal digging area located to the west of the lake was once underwater- now the ground is completely covered in salt which has created an other worldly effect. In the evenings you can witness some of the most beautiful sunsets while overlooking the salt flats.

If you are a Oklahoma bride looking to do something a little unconventional on your wedding day, choosing the Great Salt Plains for an Oklahoma salt flats elopement or micro wedding is such a fun choice! Just remember- you must contact the park directly to talk to them about permitting information as the areas you will most likely want to use are considered protected for the wildlife.

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