I am constantly saying it, so I’m sure everyone and their grandma are tired of hearing it. The landscapes that Oklahoma has to offer are so incredibly vast and diverse. Growing up in the northern region of the state, Oklahoma seemed to be as flat as a pancake. There’s absolutely beauty in the prairies, it has always reminded me of the wild west, and old cowboy movies. But, to me they never screamed ‘adventure’. On the flip side, just a few short hours south of Enid where I grew up, Lawton has some of the most beautiful views Oklahoma has to offer, especially for a photographer like me.

Mount Scott in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge absolutely takes the cake in terms of `adventure`. During my sessions I love to ask my couples to envision themselves in specific scenarios to really try and capture the mood I am hoping to portray in the images we create. As a more cinematic photographer, I always lean towards movement prompts and creating an atmosphere that lends itself to a specific storyline. Mount Scott is the perfect background for my imaginary romance novel in this beautiful Wichita mountains engagement session.

Amber and Dallas are a newly engaged couple soon to be married in Colorado. I was so excited to be their third wheel and tag along with them on our little adventure up the mountain for this moody Wichita mountains engagement session. We weren’t the luckiest when it came to the weather, the temperature dropped drastically compared to the previous day but they were both such good sports about it all. 

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