This Bricktown couple photoshoot with Jayden and Kenny in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City was an absolute dream to shoot. Both Jayden and Kenny were complete naturals when I told them my inspiration for their couples photoshoot was to imagine themselves in a music video.

My favorite thing to do first during a bricktown couple photoshoot is just to follow my couple around, randomly giving them prompts, but ultimately just following their lead. I gather a lot of inspiration from the beautiful architecture as well as the colors during a downtown photoshoot, so I love to stop along the way in random places that work best with my couples outfits.

Jayden’s black dress paired with Kenny’s black shirt and his fun pants worked perfectly with this fun entrance along the river walk during our bricktown couple photoshoot.

And this monochromatic set from our bricktown couple photoshoot absolutely reminded me of a set that could be found in vogue.

During my bricktown couples photoshoots, if we have time I absolutely LOVE to head up to the rooftop of the Sante Fe parking garage. There are multiple different beautiful views to choose from, sure to make any downtown photoshoot magical.

To learn more about my offerings of services for a bricktown couple photoshoot you can inquire here.

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