I first met Megan and Skylar after they messaged me inquiring about a maternity session. Right away we connected on our visions, and then created *magic* during our shoot in the Cimarron river and then afterwards in a wildflower field just west of my house in Ames.

As a photographer, I know my ideas can sometimes be crazy, and can require a bit of a more adventurous personality- but they both were completely open to getting waist deep in the water at sunrise. 

So of course, I was overjoyed when Megan asked me to come meet miss sophia and take her newborn photos in an in-home lifestyle session. Sophia had the perfect temperament and most definitely modeled like a champ. Besides one little bathroom accident while trying to get those cute little wrinkly newborn naked pics, it was pretty smooth sailing. 

I absolutely cannot recommend enough, an in-home session for after the arrival of your new little one. The comfort that you’ll experience knowing you won’t have to coordinate driving, diapers, nursing schedules etc before your session is absolutely priceless. When my son Harland, was first born it seemed like I had to plan everything down to the minute. We were on a strict nap schedule- but nursed on demand. I knew in order to get him calm in the car, nursing beforehand was sooo important. This ended up creating at least an hour-long routine before we could finally leave the house. 

I know a lot of times as pregnant women we develop the mindset that we won’t allow motherhood to dictate our lives now, we’ll continue on just as we were before. Inevitably though- everyday activities do become a whole lot harder. In-home sessions alleviate worries and fears that you might have, and allow you/your spouse/your family or whoever will be involved, the ability to just enjoy the experience.

First time parents in Enid Oklahoma with newborn baby girl posing for a in home lifestyle type newborn photoshoot session
Oklahoma newborn family photographer

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